11 March: Brisbane action for NDA against uranium

Australian uranium fuelled Fukushima.   Fukushima: One year on…   Time to end uranium mining….

Fukushima Commemoration
Date:  March 11 (sun), 2012
Time:  10am
Place: King George Square, Brisbane
One year on:  The Fukushima nuclear reactors continue to spread radiation in to their local environment, poisoning people, the seas, the land, the seas nearby and the air we all breathe…
And yet, the uranium industry is looking to expand in Australia.
With a state election later this month, the one-year anniversary is a timely reminder of the disastrous impacts of this toxic industry. It is time for all parties to ensure  that Queensland never fuels a Fukushima by legislating a ban on uranium mining in this state.
Join us in a commemoration and commitment to action on the National Day of Action Against Uranium Mining inAustralia.
For more information:
Friends of the Earth Brisbane – Peace, Anti-Nuclear and Clean Energy (PACE) Collective:  0411 118 737
Stop the nuclear cycle where it starts… leave uranium in the ground.

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