Recent Uranium decision media

The Mary Kathleen U mine was closed in 1982 after statewide protests and striking dockworkers caused the state to enforce a ban on uranium mining

Dave Sweeney, Spokesman, Australian Conservation Foundation says Campbell Newman, Queensland Premier wrote to Don Henry, Chief Executive, ACF saying the Qld Government had no plans to approve uranium mining. The Qld Government today lifted a ban on uranium mining. Sweeney says it hard to understand how his views changed so quickly. Newman says he changed his mind after Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister began negotiating the sale of uranium to India.


Qld Opposition Fear Nuclear Power Plants


Steve Austin – ABC radio

Yesterday the Newman government announced it’s decision to lift the ban on Uranium mining, which has been banned in Qld since 1989. Just two weeks, ago Premier Newman sent a letter to Don Henry, the CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation, reaffirming statements that the State Government had no plans to approve the development. Premier Newman has said that this decision has come after the Federal Government’s move to sell Uranium to India.

Steve Austin spoke with Andrew Cripps, the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, and asked him what lifting of the ban of Uranium mining will do for the state?


Uranium Mines Will Take Time – ABC North Queensland

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