As Australia goes backward in renewable energy policy, Germany forges ahead



it is a clear signal that citizens are favouring a publicly owned, decentralised energy system with a leading role of renewables.”

The German result is likely to present good news. HSBC believes the IPCC report – despite its criticism in some quarters, and particularly by the fossil fuel lobby – could mark “a new phase in climate action”. HSBC says that would leave a Tony Abbott-led Australia distinguishing itself “as an exception to a broader trend to increased commitment, notably in the G-2 (China and the USA).”

Germany votes for energy transition, and to buy back the grid  By Giles Parkinson on 25 September 2013

Two weeks after Australia voted in a conservative government that appears intent on slowing down the transition to a low-carbon economy – if not bring it to a full stop – the people of Germany appear to have done the opposite.

As the…

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