AUDIO: Mark Willacy interviews former US nuclear chief about Fukushima


Hear-This-wayAUDIO: Former US nuclear chief’s damning Fukushima report 25 September 2013,

The former chief nuclear regulator in the United States has delivered a damning verdict on Japanese authorities’ ability to stop contaminated groundwater from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant flowing into the sea. Gregory Jaczko was responding to comments by the Japanese Prime Minister that the situation at Fukushima was under control.

Mr Jaczko told foreign journalists in Tokyo that the surging groundwater “was beyond human control”, warning that a planned underground ice wall around the site would also fail to stop the sea becoming contaminated.

Reporter: Mark Willacy

Speakers: Shinzo Abe, Japanese Prime Minister; Gregory Jaczko, former United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission chairman

WILLACY: It was a last ditch guarantee from a prime minister fighting to win the Olympics for his country.

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