Join Annette Clements of Friends of Omanama for dinner

Dear Nuclear Free Friends,

Imagine if you were given just 120 days to stop a nuclear waste dump from being built in your community…

What would you do?

The people of Inglewood are in that situation.  A property at “Omanama”  just outside of Inglewood – 3 hrs west of Brisbane- was nominated by a local landowner for bonanza value sale to house Australia’s national nuclear waste.  The community was notified on Nov 13 and and the deadline for their response is March 11.  Inglewood is one of 6 sites that have been selected by the Federal Government for consideration.

Representatives from “Friends of Omanama” will be heading to Canberra this week to meet up with their counterparts in 5 other nominated communities to tell the Federal Government that they stand united in their opposition to nuclear waste being dumped on remote communities – in irrational and undemocratic processes!

They will be stopping in Brisbane on their way to and from Canberra.

Sorry for late notice…

I invite you to join Annette Clements of Friends of Omanama for dinner tomorrow night:

Sunday, Feb 28
out the back – 30 Granville Street, West End
feel free to bring a plate or something to share!

We may also have a NUCLEAR -FREE MORNING TEA and Canberra report back with Annette Clements and Mark Russell of Friends of Omanama
Wednesday March 2
in the morning – south brisbane – at the QCC or another venue – so…

IF you can’t come for dinner, let me know if you’d like to catch up on Wednesday!

For more info:

0411 118 737

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