Campaign Materials – Omanama Nuclear Dump Opposition

Download and use these graphics as needed.  Click on the chosen graphic to open the large version, or right click the image and click “save link as” or “save target” (depending on browser):

dontwastevote-extra3 dontwastevote-extra4dontwastevote-extra5 dontwastevote-extra2













One thought on “Campaign Materials – Omanama Nuclear Dump Opposition

  1. My famly and I witch consists of three school children sold the famly house at Brisbane and moved to inglewood for a clean grean future . We brought land without a house and have bean in the proses of subdividing a block for eatch child and trying to build a famly home . We are only at the first stages of the house the bank will now not lend me money to finish our house because of the proposed nuclear waste dump at Oman AMA we have only tin walls and shower outside we are stuck in limbo we have no house no kids future ,our life has bean destroyed we have gone from having it all to the fedaral government taking it all how can this happen?

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