radiation_on_children1No Australian wants to live next door to a nuclear power plant, a nuclear waste dump or a uranium mine.

We need to make our voices heard!

Here are some things YOU can do to stop the nuclear rollercoaster!

1.  Write to your local member

Remember, any nuclear materials from mines, dumps or power stations will travel through our suburbs and towns.  Lobby your local council to go ‘nuclear-free’.

2.  Join social media or sign a petition

Facebook, twitter and websites are ways we keep the public up to date with out work.

We also support the petitions of local groups:

3. Write to your union

The Australian Workers Union head Bill Ludwig says he is in favour of uranium mining. Any union in favour of uranium mining is willing to put workers lives at risk for the profit of corporations. Let them know what you think [AWU website]

Read our fact sheets on Uranium and Health [here]

4.  Get informed

The nuclear lobby have money and influence. They set the stage for the nuclear debate, and the media corporations with thier owners multiple interests, tow their line. Forget the hype, the nuclear industry is not clean, safe or sustainable and you’re not a neanderthal for opposing it! Read our fact sheets [here]

5.  Write to your local council!

Remember, any nuclear materials from mines, dumps or power stations will travel through our suburbs and towns.

Lobby your local council to go ‘nuclear-free’.

6. Tell your friends!

Talking about the issue to your friends and relatives will help raise awarness and allow them to be more critical of the pro-nuclear stance of our politicians. Tell them about our website or print off our fact sheets [here]

7. Distribute our fact sheets

You can help the campaign to keep Queensland nuclear free by distributing our fact sheets. You can download and photocopy them [here] Or you can contact us for copies.

8.  Have a stall or event

If you’re really keen to get the anti-nuclear message to your community consider having a stall, setting up a public library display, or other public event. We will be happy to send you all the literature you need to do it, or you can help us out by photocopying your own from our down-loadable fact sheets [here] Our member organisations would be happy to provide you with expert speakers for public meetings or films you can show to help raise awareness.

9. Join Us!

Nuclear Free Queensland and the Queensland Nuclear Free Alliance embrace a wide range of environmental, peace and social justice groups working on many nuclear-related issues in our state.

Contact the group that suits you to get more involved:

FoE Brisbane 0411 11118737

Friends of the Earth-Brisbane is a community based social change cooperative working on local, regional, national and international issues. We are working towards the creation of an ecologically sustainable and socially just society through community action.

Queensland Conservation Council

Queensland Conservation consults with member groups. We talk to business, government and communities. We apply the latest scientific research to develop policies and campaigns which we use to convince government to take action. We hold meetings and summits to bring together experts and get people talking. We monitor progress and we rate the performance of governments and their programs.

Medical Association for the Prevention of War

The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) is a professional not-for-profit organisation that works to promote peace and disarmament. MAPW aims to reduce the physical and psychological impact, as well as environmental effect of wars throughout the world. MAPW has branches in every State and Territory in Australia.

The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society is an Australian, community-based, not-for-profit, non-governmental environmental advocacy organisation. Our purpose is to protect, promote and restore wilderness and natural processes across Australia for the survival and ongoing evolution of life on Earth.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) aims to achieve a more just and equal world, free of war and violence, where everyone has the full benefit of human rights.

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network

IPAN is a network of organisations from all regions of Australia who are united by our support for an independent Australian foreign policy based on peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Just Peace

Just Peace is a Brisbane-based organisation whose aim is to raise public awareness about alternatives to war and the necessity of justice in achieving lasting peace.

Sunshine Coast Environment Centre

The Sunshine Coast Environment Council, the peak environmental advocacy group on the Sunshine Coast. SCEC represents over 40 community groups working on environmental protection, conservation, natural resource management and sustainability.

Peace Convergence

The Peace Convergence is a bi-annual protest camp established to show opposition to the destruction of the environment and the continued Australian involvement in the US war machine. It is held in Yeppoon. Rockhampton and Byfield adjoining the Shoalwater Bay Training Area on the beautiful Queensland central coast.

Brisbane Regional Environment Council

QLD Greens

The philosophy of The Greens upholds a vision of reality based on love of life, respect for nature, its life forms and natural processes, and awareness of the interdependent nature of the world. The policies of the Greens are guided by a long term view of the global future and are founded on the principles as expressed in our Charter.

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